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Email it to us at

Local Riding Groups

  • Redwood Shores Cycling Meetup  -- intermediate group rides on Saturdays, leisurely rides on Sundays 

  • Western Wheelers Bicycling Club -- a recreational road-biking club with rides on the mid-peninsula between Burlingame and Los Gatos 

  • Carlmont High School “Scots E-Riders”

  • Velo Girls Cycling Meetup -- women’s cycling club offering rides, clinics and events for women (and men) of all ages on the mid-peninsula and all over the Bay Area

  • Mid-Peninsula Bicycling Group -- a group for experienced adult group-riding road & gravel bike riders riding 50+ miles/week

  • E-Bike Treks around the Bay Area -- E-bike riders meeting to have fun riding and learn more about ebikes from each other. Each ride ~30 miles long, rides happen all over SF Bay Area 

  • PenVelo -- an organization promoting participation in recreational riding, racing and bicycling advocacy in the San Francisco Bay Area

  • Bicycle Sundays on Canada Rd -- road closed to vehicles north of Edgewood Rd

  • Backroads Bicycle Trips -- Organization based in Berkeley that offers local, national and international trips to combine the best of both worlds: biking + vacation

  • WheelTales Bike Adventures -- A low cost way to enjoy the experience of travelling by bike. Comradery through a shared experience through wonderful landscapes and camping.

City Bike & Pedestrian Master Plans

Bike Route Map of San Carlos (2010)

Parks, Rec & Open Space Master Plan (in progress)

Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans & Projects (on-going, city website)

City-wide Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan & Vision Zero Plan (in progress)

RWC Walk/Bike/Thrive Plan  (in progress) 

Interactive Redwood City Map 

  • County of San Mateo: 

Incorporated Areas (Cities):

Comprehensive Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (current, 2021)

Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (previous, 2011) 

Unincorporated Areas:

 San Mateo County Active Transportation Plan (2021)

Bike Advocacy Organizations

Local Bike Shops

Favorite Local Rides

Bike Education Handouts


Safe Routes to School


Learning to Bike


Got a Rider who needs to learn about Safe Biking? 

Walking & Biking Safety & CA Rules of the Road taught by LEGOⓇ minifigures on bikes at Targeted for ages ~5-12, includes slides and narrated video.

Got a High Schooler with a Hilly Commute? 

 E-bikes are changing the world, and Carlmont High School, which draws students who live in some of the hilliest parts of San Carlos and Belmont, is no exception. Check out Carlmont Scot’s E-Riders


When Does a Small Mirror Make a Big Safety Difference? When it’s on a Bicycle!

Bike mirrors are old technology, but especially on shared roads they help prevent collisions and falls by decreasing the amount of time bicyclists look away from the road ahead and greatly improve communication ability with drivers behind. Read more about The Life-Saving Technology that was Forgotten: The Case for Bicycle Rear-View Mirrors. 

Got Transportation News To Share or Discuss?

Post it on “Let’s Talk Transportation: San Carlos & Surroundings”, a civic discussion group moderated by San Carlos Bikes Founder, Sonia Elkes

Lets Talk Transportation.png

Got a Bike to Donate? Need a Deal on a Used Bike? Got Bike Repair Skills you can Volunteer?

Check out the Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange. They serve the community by fixing up donated bikes and matching them to people in need. Most bikes they fix are donated, some are sold at low prices. Volunteers welcome! Find them along the Bay Trail, at 3961 E. Bayshore Blvd in Palo Alto.

Want to Learn Bike Repair?

Zack's Bikes in San Carlos is certified to teach

Park Tool bike repair classes at their shop and collaborates with local Parks & Rec departments.


To learn more and register check out Zack's Bikes Park Tool Bike School. 

bike school.jpg

Got a mountain biking enthusiast?

High school (and middle school) mountain biking fans can connect with the Woodside Beasts Composite High School Mountain Biking Teams.  Email coach Alistair Adams, to get more information. The team’s vision is for athletes to build a community together, to improve as bike riders, learn to support each other, discover that if they work hard the results will come, make friends from other teams, grow as individuals and gain self confidence. Few teenage sports have such a positive vibe as high school mountain biking.

Mountain Bike

Got People & Stuff to Carry?

Bicycles are great for transportation, but they also make a terrific way to transport the people and things we love. Send us pictures of you hauling people and things by bike so we can add them to our Bicycle “Haul of Fame” Gallery!


Check out this Guide to Finding the Right Cargo/Transportation/Utility Bicycle for you 

Bicycle ‘Haul of Fame’ Gallery

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