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  • Volunteer at our bike events Volunteers help us staff our Bikes/wheels valet parking, Lead bike parades & rides, Supervise young bicyclists at Open Streets events, and more. 

  • Volunteer with Safe Routes to School Each School District and the County of San Mateo have SRTS departments. In San Carlos contact our new Wellness Director, Ilana Yakubovich, at In Redwood City connect with SRTS-Redwood City. In Belmont/Redwood Shores connect to SRTS-Belmont/Redwood Shores.

  • Help keep streets & bike lanes safe Pick-up nails/screws (and plastic!) when you see it in the street.

  • Report unsafe road conditions to Public Works For street sweeping requests, blocked bike lanes, traffic lights that don’t respond to bikes, etc, you can: Report a Problem in San Carlos (or download and use the Inform SC app), Report a Problem in Belmont, and Report a Problem in RWC

  • Donate money or resources to help fund San Carlos Bikes efforts Donations and suggestions for fundraisers are always appreciated.

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  • Encourage others to ride Invite friends and families to ride. Offer to air up tires and lube chains. (Keeping tires inflated and chains lubed are two of the most important ways to keep your bike running well.) If you got a good deal on a bike, scooter, skateboard or accessories, tell everybody you know!

  • Share biking news with San Carlos Bikes If you have bike/wheels/transit-related updates to share, please post on San Carlos Bikes Facebook page or send us an email at

  • Tell others about San Carlos Bikes The more people who sign up for our email updates, visit our website, or connect with us on Facebook/Nextdoor/Meetup, the more impact we can make in City Hall.

  • Ride as an ambassador for the sport How we ride conditions others. Kids watch & learn. Drivers take cues from us. Ride visibly, legally, responsibly, and courteously, especially when other riders, drivers or pedestrians are around.

  • Help San Carlos Bikes establish community partnerships If you can connect us with community organizations or local events organizers to promote, educate or advocate for biking, please contact us! 

  • Participate in local civic meetings to advocate for safer, better biking Local civic meetings always need more bicyclist voices. Sign up to get e-notified of city happenings, meetings, news, and agendas: E-Notifications for San Carlos, E-Notifications for Belmont,  E-Notifications for Redwood City  

Here are some of the meetings times/days:

City of San Carlos:

City of Belmont:

City of Redwood City:

City/County Association of Governments of San  Mateo County: 


SamTrans (includes San Mateo County and its 17 cities)

  • Board of Directors meeting (5x/year, see website for upcoming meetings)


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  • Help plan San Carlos Bikes events We organize bike/wheel valet parking, open street rides, educational/informational booths, school presentations, mountain biking clubs, pump track events, film screenings, bike decorating & more, and would love your creativity & support. 

  • Teach others about rules of the road, safety, repair & maintenance Safe streets education and knowing how to maintain and repair a bike empowers riders and keeps everyone safer. Share your knowledge!

  • Help us change the laws that need improvement With the rising popularity of micro-mobility devices like bikes, scooters and skateboards and their e-versions, now is the time to propose and support policy changes. 

  • Join the San Carlos Bikes leadership team Email to join our team!

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“Bicycles are the indicator species of a community, like shellfish in a bay.”
P. Martin Scott

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