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Sept 26, 2022 Biking News

Here's what's new...

1. Have you Given Your Input Yet? San Carlos Schools Asking for More Feedback on the Safe Routes to School Draft, so City approved extending deadline to Sept 30.

How you can help: Go to to this website, find at least one comment you agree with and “like” it, thank you! San Carlos SRTS Draft

2. Bike to the San Carlos Art & Wine Faire & Valet Park Your Bike – Sat/Sun, Oct 8 & 9, 10am-6pm. Free Valet Bike Parking will be on the Corner of Laurel Street at Arroyo Ave.

How you can help: Please sign up to volunteer an hour or two to help us park bikes – whether because you care about the environment, better biking/safer streets in San Carlos, or love art and wine, help for any reason is appreciated! :). Sign up here

Also: Look for bike advocate extraordinaire and local artist Sally Rayn’s booth with her awesome artwork at the Faire!

3. Denser Housing in San Carlos is coming, and San Carlos City Council gets an important housing update at Monday’s 9/26, 7pm, Council Meeting. But with denser housing, especially as parking minimums decrease, comes the temptation for new residents to rely more heavily on street parking. This is bad for a lot of reasons, but importantly, heavily parked streets are harder to implement bike lanes on, and bike lanes are crucial for our Safe Routes to School.

  • Prioritize getting bike lanes on streets before street parking gets impacted, or along with new housing developments. Don’t wait for street parking to become impacted and then try to fit bike lanes in. Have developers incorporate them into their new design plans.

  • Promote secure bike parking in new housing, and ask developers to incorporate bike wheel ramps on stairs (the narrow ramp along the side of a set of stairs that allows riders to push their wheels up)

  • Not allow vehicles to park on sidewalks

4. If you missed the 1st San Carlos Downtown Specific Plan Workshop, here’s the Recording. It was the first in a series of upcoming workshops to develop a Downtown Specific Plan that will embody the community’s shared vision for the future of downtown.

5. SVBC had an excellent and useful Biketivist Forum last Wednesday on City Budgeting and how to get bike projects included in city priorities. When the recording is posted, I will share…


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