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Nov 16, 2021 Biking News


1) San Carlos School District Walk/Bike Audit of Terra Linda/Mariposa (the “four corners”) is THIS Thurs, 1:45pm if you haven’t signed up yet but want to help solve this bike/ped/vehicle/bus traffic flow problem area, click the link and sign up. (This is a rare opportunity to give in-person, in-place safety concern input to city staff and consultants)

  • Tierra Linda/ Mariposa, November 18, 1:45-3:15pm

  • Brittan Acres, December 2, 7:45-9:15am

  • Heather, December 7, 7:45-9:15am

  • White Oaks, December , 1:50-3:20pm

  • Arundel, January 11, 1:50-3:20pm

  • Central/ Arroyo, January 25, 2:30-4pm

2) New RWC Bike/Ped Underpass Open Hooray! Connects Bair Island to Main St/Downtown RWC

3) Exciting Panel Lined up for THIS Wed, Nov 17’s SVBC Biketivist Forum: The Opportunities in Repaving/Restriping! The “Mr. Barricade” (Traffic Engineer of Tik Tok fame) will moderate a panel of local City staff and Caltrans staff to offer insider knowledge about how restriping and repaving plans can offer quick opportunities for changes to streets. If you're an advocate of better bikeways (and we think all of us are--even drivers benefit when) this is the session for you to learn how to use this key opportunity to create the changes you'd like to see.

Panel includes:

  • John Brazil, Transportation Options Program Manager, San Jose Department of Transportation

  • Jessica Manzi, Transportation Manager, City of Redwood City

  • Sergio Ruiz, Complete Streets Coordinator, CalTrans District 4

With Special Guest Moderator:

  • Vignesh Swaminathan (AKA Mr. Barricade), CEO and President of CrossRoad Labs

5-6pm Presentation on Repaving/Restriping with Speakers from City of RWC, Caltrans D4, SJ DOT

6-7pm Local Team Meetings -- Join San Carlos/Belmont, RWC, or any other local team to talk biking and upcoming events

Free, but don’t forget to register to get the link.

4) San Carlos Transportation Commission Tues, Nov 16, 7pm. New Business on Agenda includes:

a. Sidewalk Parking and Flier Distribution.

b. Update on Traffic Calming Improvements.

c. School Walk Audits Update.

d. Authorize Cancellation of the December 21, 2021 Transportation and Circulation Commission Meeting

Attend via zoom or listen-in via telephone by calling 1-669-900-9128, Meeting ID: 832 2522 6476.

Provide Public Comments: Use the “raise hand” feature to notify the Chair that you would like to speak during the public comment period of an agenda item. If joining by phone, press *9 to “raise hand”.

5) Free Bicycling 101 & Bike Share Workshop Tues, Nov 16, 6-7pm Has it been a while since you’ve been on the bike? Are you feeling rusty? Join SVBC for our Bicycling 101 & Bike Share webinar! In addition to getting ready for your ride and bike safety basics, we cover ride routing and rules of the road too. We’ll also go over the Bay Wheels bike share program from head to toe, so you can bike share like a pro! Register here!

6) Redwood City Asking Residents to give feedback on their Downtown Experience with a Parklet Survey -- They want to know:

“Have you visited Downtown Redwood City recently? Where do you typically park? What businesses do you visit? Have you experienced our parklet program (outdoor business activity)? We want to hear from you! Your invaluable feedback will shape the way our City streets and sidewalks are used as we continue to support our businesses during this challenging time!”

7) San Carlos Bikes ( has a much improved website coming, stay tuned...

Thanks for reading/riding! Sonia Elkes,

Founder, San Carlos Bikes

(415) 806-4632

PS: Want to get bike-related news more promptly? To see more bike- and San Carlos transportation-related updates sooner:

Want a general Guide to Biking in San Carlos? See this article: Guide to Biking In San Carlos (San Carlos Living magazine, April 2021)


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