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March 30, 2022 Biking News

This month's highlights include California Bike Summit coming, Bike to School/Work & Wherever Days May 20-22 and more!


  1. Bike Champion of the Year Nominations Due April 1

  2. California Bicycle Summit happening April 6-9 in Oakland

  3. Caltrain Seeks Rep for Bike Advisory Committee

  4. Bike to Work/School Day is May 20 – Please Pledge to Ride

  5. Volunteer at an Energizer Station for Bike to Work Day

  6. Free Fixit Clinics coming to Redwood City Library

  7. Get your bikes and wheels ready for San Carlos Hometown Days

  8. Letters Needed to Help “Close the Canada/Skyline Safety Gap”

  9. Two Bike Shed Program Teachers Needed

  10. These San Carlos Streets Slated to Be Resurfaced

  11. New Sustainability Page on San Carlos School Dist. Website

  12. Thank you for a successful Week of the Family Bike Care Fair!

  13. San Carlos Downtown Area Planning Needs Public Input

  14. Next Transportation Commission Meeting is Tues, April 19


1. 2022 Bike Champion of the Year Nominations Open - Deadline to nominate is April 1 – Nominate someone you know in San Mateo County who loves riding their bike anywhere and everywhere or someone who inspires others to get out and pedal. Nominations are open through April 1. Fill out the nomination form here and check out the 2021 winners for inspiration.

2. California Bicycle Summit happening April 6-9 in Oakland

  • Since the last Bicycle Summit in LA in 2019, we have begun to see massive change, a burgeoning period of rapid transformation and development across all sectors of transportation. Come to the 2022 California Bicycle Summit to accelerate that change. Connect with active transportation thought leaders, government officials, and successful advocates who are ready to share their solutions to the enormous challenges we face. You’ll gain inspiration and insights to make your work for active transportation more powerful.

  • Registration & more info here:

3. Caltrain Seeks Representative for Bicycle & Active Transportation Advisory Committee

  • Caltrain is seeking a Caltrain rider to apply for its Bicycle & Active Transportation Advisory Committee (BATAC), which serves as the primary venue to integrate the interests and perspectives of customers who use active transportation--bicycling, walking and other closely related modes--as their primary mode of access to the Caltrain system into the Caltrain planning processes. The opening is for a member of the general public who rides Caltrain and either boards or alights from the train in San Mateo County.

  • The committee is comprised of nine volunteer members from San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. One member from each county is a public

  • agency staff member responsible for planning and/or policy development related to active transportation, one is a member of a bicycle advocacy organization, and one is a member from the general public who uses active transportation to access Caltrain.

  • Applications are due *Sunday, April 17, *and are available at or by calling 650.508.6391.The BATAC meets every other month at 5:45 p.m. via Zoom. All meetings are open to the public.

4. May is National Bike Month & Fri, May 10 is National Bike to Work/School

  • National Ride-a-Bike Day Sun, May 1

  • Fri, May 20 is National Bike to Work/School & Wherever Day! Please pledge to ride – to anywhere, any time, any length of ride, just ride! This year the only way to get the latest 2022 Bike to Wherever Day messenger bag and ‘bike swag’ is to pledge to ride in advance.

  • National Bike Week is Mon, May 16 to Sun, May 22

5. Volunteer at an Energizer Station for Bike to Work Day

  • Energizer Stations will be at various locations on Bike to Work/School Day (Friday May 20th) and Bike to Wherever Days (Saturday May 21st & Sunday May 22) Sign Up Here

  • Take a look at the Energizer Station Host Guide, for more details on running a station.

  • Check regularly for information, details about energizer stations, events, and much more. For questions email Bike to Work Day Event Coordinator, Bill Bright,

6. Need help fixing your bike? Free Fixit Clinics are coming to Redwood City Library Makerspace as well as available 24/7 through online support:

7. San Carlos Hometown Days is returning! Join the “Pre-Parade Roll” on bikes and wheels Sat, May 21 at 9:30am

8. Please help bike advocates ‘Close the Safety Gap’ between Cañada Rd, Highway 92 and Skyline! San Mateo County Parks Dept and Board of Supervisors need to hear from more of the biking community to prioritize making the needed improvements.

  • Background – Two very popular bicycling destinations, Sawyer Camp Trail and Cañada Road are separated by a rather dangerous 1.7 mile stretch of state highway 92 and "lower" Skyline Drive. The build-out of a multi-use trail to connect these two areas was in the original Crystal Springs regional trail plan from 20 years ago, but this last stretch was never completed. You probably have or know someone with a scary story related to riding the 92 and lower skyline in its current state. Or maybe you’re a cyclist who hasn’t even bothered to try riding between Sawyer Camp and Cañada since you can't even imagine it being rideable!

  • After the past 2 years of advocating for the completion of the 92-lower skyline bikeway with various government agencies, (and getting commitment that SMC Parks will support it once built) advocates have learned that the best way to move this initiative forward is for the entire bicycling community to voice their opinions to Don Horsley, the SM County supervisor in overseeing this District, about the importance of completing a safe bikeway along this route. Getting Don's support for finishing this project seems to be the key factor in convincing Caltrans and SMC Parks (among other agencies) to kick-off its completion.

  • The Ask: Please customize the template letter below and send it to Don Horsley ( so that the County can take action before some sort of tragic incident takes place on this route and forward this to friends!

  • Sample Letter: Honorable Don Horsley,

[State your affiliation, e.g. I am a San Mateo County resident, cyclist, and parent of three, etc.] I write this letter of support to complete the final portion of the Crystal Springs Trail, which is the 1.7 mile stretch of bikeway on State Highway 92 and lower Skyline Drive. Completing a safe route along this route connects two popular biking and walking routes – lower Crystal Springs Trail and Cañada Road – which will provide countless recreational and bike commuter safety benefits to the community. Completion of this route will remove a major "choke point" for hikers and bicyclists looking to travel between Sawyer Camp and Cañada road. Additionally, completion of this short yet critical stretch completes the last remaining gap of the Crystal Springs Trail/Ohlone-Portola Heritage Trail that connects San Bruno to Woodside with a walkable route that has been used by the indigenous population for thousands of years. Please consider the legacy that you can leave to our community in being remembered for completing safe pedestrian/bike access on this historic trail! Signed, [Your name]

9. Two Bike Shed Program Teachers Needed

  • San Mateo County Office of Education’s Safe Routes to School Program Director is looking for two bike shed program teachers. Both positions are in the Sequoia Union High School District. They had a couple of leads and they fell through. They are trying to get a limited program in place for their students before the end of the school year. The timing is during the school day but I believe it would be fairly flexible. Both schools have funding to pay the teacher a stipend. If you are interested or you know someone, please email Theresa Vallez-Kelly, SRTS Coordinator at

10. These San Carlos streets slated for Resurfacing

11. New Sustainability Page on San Carlos School District’s Website

  • Please let Wellness Director Ilana Yakubovich,, know if you have suggestions or resources to add to the page for all to learn about – thank you!

12. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported or volunteered at last January’s San Carlos Week of the Family Bike Fair, at Central Middle blacktop. With over 150 attendees, volunteers and supporters, it was a huge win for bike safety and advocacy in San Carlos!


13. San Carlos is Planning for the Future of Downtown and the Laurel Street Corridor and Wants our Feedback in a Short Survey! (Let the city know to prioritize bike-friendly access to and if possible through our downtown, car-free areas. Separate the pedestrians from bicyclists downtown with clearly marked paths. Use “Bicyclists Yield to Pedestrians” or “Walk Bike when Crowded” signs instead of banning riding altogether.)

14. Next San Carlos Transportation Commission meeting Tues, April 19, 7pm. Agenda TBD

Thanks for reading/riding! Sonia Elkes,

Founder, San Carlos Bikes

(415) 806-4632

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