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Jan 20, 2022 Biking News

1) Tonight! RWC Walk Bike Thrive Hosts Public Workshop, Thurs, Jan 20, 6:30pm. Please give bicyclist feedback to help RWC finalize/prioritize specific bike/ped improvement projects!

  • Redwood City has a long list of potential projects (including a citywide bike network) to improve walking, biking and traffic safety conditions throughout the city.

  • Can also leave comments on this Pinnable map through the end of January.

2) THIS Sunday, Jan 23, 9am-noon is the ‘Tour de Family’ Ride & Bike Fair for Week of the Family, at Central Middle blacktop! There’s a community bike ride led by a bike patrol sheriff and followed by donuts (we’ve ordered 18 dozen!), chain lubing and flat tire repair lessons, seats raised and helmets fitted and a family-friendly safe riding practice loop. Something for all ages, from elementary, middle and high schoolers to adults. Don’t miss it–spread the word

3) Final San Carlos School District Walk/Bike Audit is Tues, Jan 25, 2:40pm for Arundel Elementary. Sign up if you haven’t yet – it’s a small way to make a BIG difference in showing our city, school and consultants that infrastructure that encourages biking matters to San Carlos.

4) Got a current, past or future Carlmont High student? Submit your input, suggestions, concerns through the Discovery App, now Jan 19-Jan 26

  • This is a fun and engaging community project to help make it easier to walk, bike, and use public transportation to safely get to Carlmont High School

  • The project involves the use of a simple app (the Stanford Discovery Tool) to gather information about what makes it easy or hard to safely get to Carlmont without a car. The whole process will take less than 2 hours and the information you gather will inform strategies for improving your community’s health and safety. Details are below!

  • Anyone in the Carlmont community can register at January 19th – January 26th:

  • At a time that is most convenient for you, you will use a fun and simple app to take photos around the school community showing things that make it easy or hard to safely get to Carlmont without a car


5) San Carlos is Planning for the Future of Downtown and the Laurel Street Corridor and Wants our Feedback in a Short Survey! (Let the city know to prioritize bike-friendly access to and if possible through our downtown, car-free areas. Separate the pedestrians from bicyclists downtown with clearly marked paths. Use “Bicyclists Yield to Pedestrians” or “Walk Bike when Crowded” signs instead of banning riding altogether.)

  • See Letter to San Carlos residents from Councilmember John Dugan describing the plan for the process and his bike-friendly vision for the Downtown area

6) San Carlos Sunday Farmers’ Market returns to downtown Laurel Street location on Sunday, February 6, 2022.

7) If you haven’t yet, check out our New & Improved San Carlos Bikes website if you haven’t yet! Same address, new look, is easier to sign up for our biking newsletter, read about our biking initiatives, access local biking resources and connect with the biking community. Check it out, give us feedback, and tell your friends! (Thank you to Veronica Dils, website designer extraordinaire)

8) Next San Carlos Transportation Commission meeting Tues, Feb 15, 7pm. Agenda TBD


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