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Aug 12, 2022 Biking News

1. Bikes & Beer Social Gathering

TODAY! Come meet up at Blue Oak Brewery (previously was Devil's Canyon) and talk bikes in San Carlos & Belmont. Saturday, August 13 from 1pm - 3pm

2. Bike Summit

Thurs, Aug 18 Bike Summit in Millbrae. Share with anyone you think might be interested! You can register from the same page. If you'd like to attend for free, you can volunteer. We especially need people to record the sessions. Sign-up to volunteer at the Bike Summit. Belmont Public Meeting August 23

3. 4-Corners Traffic / Alameda de las Pulgas Corridor Project Tues, August 23

In-person Open House & Presentation

At Carlmont High School, Student Union Office

4. San Carlos Public Meeting August 31 You’re Invited! San Carlos Downtown Specific Plan Virtual Community Workshop #1 Wednesday August 31, 2022 at 6 PM Register now

5. Volunteer for the Bike Summit Want a free ticket to the Summit? Volunteer to help out with the event. There are multiple roles and slots available. Register today! 6. Interested in trails? SVBC is looking for a volunteer who is passionate about trails and would be interested in being an SVBC rep on the Bay Area Trails Collaborative. Please email if you are interested. 7. Opportunity to Recruit Local Team members Interested in recruiting local team members from those who park their bikes at events like football games at Stanford? The idea is, while people wait in line to park their bikes, we have some team members strike up a conversation, talk to people about the bike movement, and plant the seeds for them to get involved with a local team. Email 8. Grant Opportunities San Mateo County Pedestrian and Bicycle Program 2022 Cycle 6 grants! SVBC has been spreading the word to city staff as we meet with them. Feel free to call staff and speak at city council meetings and encourage your city to apply! This is the biggest funding cycle in San Mateo County history with over $17 million in combined funding for projects that encourage and improve bicycling and walking conditions. Funding can be used for non-infrastructure programs or infrastructure project development and construction. Estimated timeline: 8/4/22 - official call for projects 8/9/22 2:00pm - virtual workshop for guidelines & schedule Register for the workshop here. 9/23/22 - applications due December 2022 - funds allocated 9. California Clean Air Day 2022 Micro-grant Application! -

Funding of up to $1,000 is available to make California Clean Air Day a success in your community -

- You can partner with a local business, your city or other partners to maybe do a ride, a tabling event or bike repair clinics and more! SVBC is happy to help if your team is interested. Contact for any questions. 10. SVBC is hiring We're looking for folks who have experience running bike programs, things like organizing social rides with nonprofit partners, an understanding of how to leverage partnerships in order to bring new riders into the fold, overseeing things like Bike to Wherever Days, educating kids and adults on how to ride bikes, and in particular, we're looking for folks who can deliver classes in Spanish. Overall, we want go-getter folks who are smart and understand how to effect true behavior change through programs. And, there's also the contract management and coordination side of things.

Ideally, we'd like to find folks who want to be with the organization for the long haul so that we can invest in that person and bring better programs to Silicon Valley that truly change behavior and get more folks riding. If you know of anyone, can you please pass the job description along? The link is here. Thanks! Sonia Elkes & Heather Wolnick Reply with Unsubscribe to stop receiving these email updates.


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