Bicyclists move beyond city borders and so does our bike advocacy.

San Carlos Bikes is a volunteer-run community organization dedicated to making biking and sustainable transportation safer, more efficient, and practically irresistible. We put together a free, monthly newsletter with hyper-local San Carlos/Belmont/Redwood City area biking & transportation-related news, events and opportunities. As of Oct of 2021 our newsletter goes out to over 500 local biking and transportation enthusiasts & activists. We’re stronger together -- please join the cause by signing up for the San Carlos Bikes newsletter!


San Carlos Bikes works hand-in-hand with Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC), the regional bike advocacy organization for San Mateo County. All bicyclists are encouraged to join their SVBC local team for free as one of the best ways to advocate for better biking in San Mateo County. Sign up for the San Carlos-Belmont Local Team. 

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